Inglés B1

Duración en horas: 90


El curso tiene como objetivo que el alumnado maneje el idioma con cierta seguridad y flexibilidad, receptiva y productivamente, así como comprender y producir textos en una variedad de contextos, con estructuras habituales y un léxico común no muy idiomático, y que traten sobre temas genéricoss, cotidianos o de interés personal.
A lo largo del temario se tratará: Present perfect – past simple – Past Continuous – Past simple – Oraciones condicionales – 1st Conditional – Future Forms – Modal verbs of obligation – Other Modal Forms – – Modal verbs of Probability – Make versus do – Wish – if i only – i´d rather – Past Perfect Simple versus Past Perfect Continuous – uses of get
1 Unit 1 – present perfect – past simple
1.1 Conversaciones telefonicas
1.2 Vocabulario relacionado con la gastronomia
1.3 The present perfect tense
1.4 Already, yet, just
1.5 Business Phone Call
1.6 Complete the following conversation
1.7 Watch the video then read the script
1.8 Comprehension check
1.9 Vocabulary
1.10 Complete the following table
1.11 Complete the following sentences
1.12 Write the sentences above
1.13 Making Arrangements on the Phone
1.14 Grammar practice
1.15 The Thank You Letter
1.16 Find synonyms in the text
1.17 Verbs whith particle
1.18 Grammar practice
1.19 Put the verbs in brackets
1.20 Vocabulary practice
1.21 Writing
1.22 Fill in the gaps
1.23 Write down the correct preposition
1.24 Writing
1.25 Complete the sentences
1.26 Grammar practice
1.27 Answer the questions below
1.28 Writing
1.29 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 1
2 Unit 2 – Past Continuous – Past simple
2.1 Vocabulario relacionado con el tema de la delincuencia
2.2 La diferencia entre steal y rob
2.3 The past continuous tense
2.4 Las expresiones de cantidad
2.5 An investigation
2.6 Vocabulary
2.7 Watch the video then read the script
2.8 Say whether the statements are true or false
2.9 Grammar practice
2.10 Getting back to work
2.11 Grammar practice
2.12 Complete the following text
2.13 Reading
2.14 Vocabulary practice
2.15 Choose the correct form of the verb
2.16 Corret the following sentences
2.17 Writing
2.18 Answer the following questions about yourself
2.19 Writing
2.20 What were you doing
2.21 Translate these sentences into English
2.22 Read the following text
2.23 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 2
3 Unit 3 – Oraciones condicionales
3.1 Vocabulariol del sector hotelero
3.2 Las oraciones condicionales
3.3 Watch the video then read the script
3.4 Vocabulary practice
3.5 Comprehension
3.6 Watch the video again and answer the questions
3.7 Complete the following sentences
3.8 Grammar Box
3.9 What type of conditional sentences are they
3.10 Comprehension
3.11 Watch the video and finish the sentences
3.12 Grammar practice
3.13 Listening
3.14 Watch the video and then read the script
3.15 Vocabulary practice
3.16 Supply the correct verb from the box
3.17 Match the following descriptions
3.18 Language in use
3.19 Rewrite the following sentences
3.20 Find and correct the mistake
3.21 Finish each sentence in a suitable way
3.22 Complete the dialogue
3.23 Answer the following questions
3.24 Put the verbs in the correct form
3.25 Writing
3.26 Write about a strange experience
3.27 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 3
4 Unit 4 – 1st Conditional – Future Forms
4.1 Imagine you are being interviewed for a job
4.2 Decide if the following are good or bad pieces of advice
4.3 Study the following table and complete it
4.4 Use of the article the with Geographical names
4.5 Grammar Help Box. The First Conditional
4.6 Watch the video and read the script
4.7 Correct the sentences using the words in the box
4.8 Complete the following recipe with these cooking verbs
4.9 Put one of the following verbs in each space
4.10 Read and listen the conversation
4.11 Listening
4.12 Listening
4.13 Reading
4.14 Answer the following questions
4.15 Vocabulary practice
4.16 Grammar Help Box
4.17 Grammar practice
4.18 Put the verb in the correct form using will, going to
4.19 Match the sentences with the descriptions given
4.20 Fill in the spaces in the following sentences
4.21 Read the following text
4.22 Decide if the statements are true or false
4.23 Decide whether the sentences are right or wrong
4.24 Complete the following sentences
4.25 Writing
4.26 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 4
5 Unit 5 – Modal verbs of obligation – Other Modal Forms
5.1 Fears and phobias
5.2 Match up the correct phases
5.3 Such and Soa
5.4 Must and have to
5.5 Watch the video
5.6 Match the modal verbs with one of the descriptions
5.7 Use must or have to to fill the gaps
5.8 Listening
5.9 Vocabulary practice
5.10 Find the phrasal verbs which mean
5.11 Put the following sentences in the correct order
5.12 Reading
5.13 Decide whether the following sentencese
5.14 Vocabulary practice
5.15 Modal Verbs of Obligation
5.16 Phrasal Verbs
5.17 Complete the sentences using the correct form
5.18 Reading
5.19 Complete the sentences with such or so as appropriate
5.20 Complete the sentences
5.21 Writing
5.22 Complete the texts
5.23 Writing
5.24 Writing
5.25 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 5
6 Unit 6 – Modal verbs of Probability – Make versus do
6.1 The Weather
6.2 Modal verbs of probability
6.3 Make and Do
6.4 Grammar practice
6.5 Watch the video and say if the sentences are true or false
6.6 Watch the video read the script and fill in the blanks
6.7 Listening
6.8 Pronunciation practice
6.9 Listening
6.10 Listen and read
6.11 Vocabulary practice
6.12 Match what the doctor says
6.13 Choose the incorrect option in the following lists
6.14 Complete the sentences
6.15 Modal verbs in the past
6.16 Make or Do
6.17 Complete the sentences with one suitable word
6.18 Write sentences to explain each situation
6.19 Decide if the following actions need Make or Do
6.20 Writing
6.21 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 6
7 Unit 7 – wish – if i only – i´d rather
7.1 Idiomatic expressions revision
7.2 Disasters and tragedies
7.3 I wish – if only I – Id rather
7.4 Grammar Practice
7.5 Some other uses of rather
7.6 Watch the video and read the script
7.7 Grammar practice
7.8 Reading
7.9 Now say whether these statements are true or false
7.10 Grammar practice
7.11 Listening
7.12 Listen again and check your answers
7.13 Vocabulary practice
7.14 Choose the correct form of the verb
7.15 Rewrite the following sentences using the given word
7.16 Choose the correct word
7.17 Write ten words that match these definitions
7.18 Choose the correct phrasal verb
7.19 Fill in the gaps with a suitable word or words
7.20 Write three things that you wish were different now
7.21 Write five sentences using phrasal verbs with go
7.22 Writing
7.23 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 7
8 Unit 8 – Past Perfect Simple versus Past Perfect Continuous – uses of get
8.1 Banks and banking
8.2 Uses of Get
8.3 Past Perfect Simple vs. Past Perfect Continuous
8.4 Watch the video and read the script
8.5 Grammar practice
8.6 Reading
8.7 Answer the questions about the text
8.8 Vocabulary practice
8.9 Put the words in the box in the correct places in the text
8.10 Hand action verbs
8.11 Listening
8.12 Pronunciation practice
8.13 Complete the sentences in the past perfect using the verbs given
8.14 Complete the sentences with the correct form of Get
8.15 Vocabulary practice
8.16 Complete the sentences with an suitable form of the word given
8.17 Match the verbs below to the correct definition
8.18 Choose the best form of the verbs between brackets in the text below
8.19 Complete the phrases using the present perfecta
8.20 Past perfect
8.21 Read the situations and then completed the sentences
8.22 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 8
8.23 Cuestionario: Cuestionario final

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